Mr English v Promontoria (Aran)


8th August 2017  Maples & Calder




17th May 2017   Judgement


Irish judge U turns after intervention by United States Government Ltd and Irish Government Ltd :-


Mr English v Promontoria (Aran) Ltd   "Ex Temporejudgement" decision issued

17th May 2017




22nd February 2017    Parliamentary (UK) debate    

George Kerevan (SNP ; East Lothian and member of the Treasury Select Committee) leads a debate at Westminster Hall at 4.30 pm :-
"The purchase of distressed assets by Cerberus Capital Management"



18th January 2017




29th December 2016




15th December 2016  Lexology




16th November 2016


Mr English v Promontoria (Aran) Ltd   Judgement   16th November 2016







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